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Even that a Leo loves you as a lover, as a friend or a colleague, it is very rare for them to give in their throne. Leo and Leo are a powerful and awesome couple. But, they are lions and all that they want is to keep their crown. Who is going to win? Surprisingly, when they are together many times it happens totally the opposite: they admire each other a lot, no matter the context. They share their interests, their joy for life and the eccentricity for expensive and luxurious things.

Ambition and creativity meet generosity, nobleness, fun and charm. They live their lives with so much passion that they generate, without even noticing, lots of envy and admiration around.

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Leo is one of the most sociable zodiac signs. They enjoy having fun, flirting, seeking for attention and feeling admired.

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When two Leo are together, they share this way of living and each one of them shines for themselves: they have their own light, charm and strength. When they are together, they are unstoppable. Leo and Leo in friendship are so alive that they spend hours doing lots of physical activities, such as parties, trips, games, jokes, etc.

They are very creative and when they are together they come up with the craziest but most memorable ideas.

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You will never be bored if you join them in their adventures. They enjoy what life offers to them, every little thing can be amusing and they take advantage and fun of everything they are able to. In friendship, two Leos are more into this kind of physical activities than into intellectual or emotional ones. A couple of two Leos are an unbeatable team in life. These two powerful signs together are like a dream, a verve, a bunch of delights, a desire in all its forms. No matter if they are in a social event, in a special occasion or in their everyday life: everything will be an extreme adventure for them that is worth to be lived.

This can easily lead to an excess of passion that can become a drama. Not only befriend with the strong Leo, Capricorn is also compatible with Cancer as friends. Is Capricorn the best match of Leo? According to Capricorn male personality , the individual born under this sign is traditional in viewpoint and thought, conservative and hard-working. Meanwhile, the one with Leo zodiac sign values diligence but still makes use of their charm to get things done.

They are strongly loyal, especially to each other as friends. The interesting thing is: though they seem like an unlikely duo on the surface, they will give one another respect as soon as they realize how compatible they truly are. A Capricorn always appears with a Leo companion by their side; however, this can be a good thing or a bad thing depending on each certain situation.

Leo and Leo in friendship

In fact they make a gregarious friend who is extremely friendly and outgoing in the first-time meeting. Therefore, if a Cappy wants to befriend with Leo sign, be assertive at the right time. When it comes to the head honcho in any relationship, the answer is mostly Leo. If Leo wants to obtain the limelight of all times, they must let Capricorn share their power from behind the scenes. Whether you are Leo or Capricorn, just put your effort and hard work in the friendship and you and your friend can be together in the long run.

Fortunately, the truthfulness and enthusiasm have helped Leo find a way to the heart of Capricorn. Not really like people who beat around the bush, Leo needs everything that has to be straightforward and direct. They are not the type that will hide all of their mystery in their friendship. Regarding communication, they are likely to talk as well as listen to everything from each other; nonetheless, each sign has a different way to express their thoughts.

Leo on one hand is very emotional and passionate, while Capricorn is cold and rational on the other hand. Indeed, the relationship of Leo and Capricorn does need some time so that both can balance each other out better. On an emotional level, I must say that the Lion is not afraid of letting others know how they actually feel and quite confused with the fact of Capricorn prefers keeping things hidden. With the reserved and collected personality traits, opening up emotions is a problem for Capricorn.

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  • If they do so together, the world is their oyster. The Leo Man will struggle with a Leo Woman who is ready to battle him for rulership of the relationship.

    Leo Sign Dates & Traits

    Compromise is what holds the relationship together. If this duo is non-traditional, it can even prove the other way around! Still, two Leos are at their very best when they work together in any and all situations. An unconquerable pair comes from a Leo and Leo love affair if they agree to align their agendas.

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    • Besides, a Leo Woman will not have it any other way. He will have to allow her autonomy and the chance to socialize with all her favorite girlfriends too. Lionesses share their lifetime with other lionesses within a pride. Her friends cheer her on while she conquers one world after another. When two Leos are out of balance, arguments ensue. Besides, a lion pride remains together and relies on the strength of all its members.

      The Leo and Leo compatibility factor improves when two lion-like lovers do the same! The Leo Woman and Leo Man can make a real go of love and with just a little bit of effort. With a few changes and remaining adaptable, a Leo and Leo couple will discover lasting bliss!

      Leo and Leo compatibility

      One of the main benefits a Leo and Leo relationship offers is the energetic levels of both parties. It promises strength, renewal, and growth. Thank goddess Leos are optimistic by nature. They have a bright outlook for the future.

      This optimism can help them get through relationship difficulties with consistent ease. The Leo Woman and Leo Man share similar attributes, so they know each other all too well.

      Leo Leo Compatibility In Love, Sex and Marriage Life

      They are courageous and loving. They admire one another and promise lasting loyalty. The Leo Woman loves being told how beautiful she looks. The Leo Man knows his woman has a need to be noticed, so he showers her with sweet words and compliments. The Leo Woman has no problem making the Leo male feel like he is a full-blooded King. There is no instance where fighting kings rule together without forging a truce of some kind. Conflicts bring two raging lions into the ring.

      Tolerance and patience make sure both lions come out of the same ring all in one piece. What conflicts might occur between two loving Leos? The green-eyed monster tends to stir up a storm or two. Leos are flirtatious by nature. It is part of their playful personality. Battles between Leos are just as epic as the sweets moments they share. The Leo and Leo pair need to be ready for all the ups and downs they face. Of course, there are more ups than downs if they are the peace-keeping type of personality. The love between this couple is long and lasting when they work together to conquer the pitfalls of love and relationships!

      Fixed signs with fixed minds, the Leo and Leo love affair has a clear course mapped out for them. When this duo finds their harmony, they become nothing more than two smitten kittens!